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provides transitional housing

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If you know of anyone who is in need of our services, please contact us.


  Allowing individuals, the opportunity to develop life skills in a structured environment giving them the resources and tools required on their new journey on being rehabilitated.

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Our Vision

Our vision at 2nd Chance Living is to Restart, Restore, and Restrengthen each individual and giving them the opportunity to be reintroduced to society

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Clients We Serve

2nd Chance Living provides transitional housing and wrap-around supportive services for formerly incarcerated men returning to the community from prison. We are committed to providing a caring but structured environment for any person ready to transition and receive help; those individuals ranges from...


  • Ex-Offenders/ Parolee

  • Recovering Alcoholics

  • Recovering Substance Abuse Users

  • Veterans

If you know of anyone who is in need of our services, please contact us.

Supportive Services

  • Help clients obtain IDs/birth certificate

  • Apply for public assistance

  • We partner with community-based organizations for their expertise in employment and career development

  • We partner with mental health and substance abuse treatment agencies 

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IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE who is in need of our services, COntact Us!

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